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Woodbine - Baltimore Skydivers 1972-80

Submitted by Art Boone

Photos below. (L) a student, (R) Dick Morgan jumping a square at a MEPA meet, Art Boone receiving his Gold Wings, Harold Boone, D-5591. flaking a PC, and crowd gathering at the start of a MEPA meet.

art boone

Gary Thompson D-4616 submitted this early CRW shot taken during the mid-summer timeframe in 1976. "Tom Hamrich on bottom and me on top did the first CRW over Woodbine.  You can tell it’s an early one – my feet are in his cells.  We had read about it in Parachutist but had very little idea what we were doing."

Additional thoughts from Webmaster Pat Moore D-1814

Woodbine is a milestone in my jumping career. I made the last of my 2028 sport jumps there on October 10th, 1976. My logbook was signed by Melanie Splendido, D-4411.

Pat Moore logbook