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Superior - Apollo Inn DZ

Submitted by Jim Mason

Apollo Inn DZ which was located 10 miles south of Superior, WI. The originator of the Superior Skydivers, Chuck Androsky and his wife Beve (also a GW jumper) purchased a county bar and renamed it the Apollo Inn, in Oct of 1969. I know the date exactly because "Wes" Wesolowski and I logged a jump into a small area along side the bar right after they took possession and before any clearing had been done! When he bought it, the area around it was solid woods and he had the area cleared and a runway put in as shown in the attached photo. This was a very small DZ in the days of cheapos and PCs but jumpers there soon learned how to spot and fly accuracy! My log books show jumps into the Apollo up to 1983 when the jumping operation moved to the Superior, WI airport. This was a classic early "club" operation with not a lot of strict attention to the rules.