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St. George

Submitted by Rick Ream D-28557

Blue Sky Adventures, St. George South Carolina. It was a great little DZ Wally West was running it the first time I visited. 

They would host the Harvest Moon Boogie every fall 

Lot's of Rodriguez and Muff Brothers 

ETA: also my first electric 8-way Shocked 

At Blue Sky Adventures we were there for one of their boogies. We had been winded out and there would be no jumping that day. I was in a tent with Johnny Gates and Jerry Bird for a short "meeting". The 2 of them got to telling stories and we sat in there laughing and bullshitting for probably an hour and a half. When we finally decided to emerge from the tent we saw that 10 or 15 people had pulled folding chairs up next to the tent and were listening to all the bs coming from inside. We received a round of applause when we unzipped the tent door.