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Plattsburgh - Malone Parachute Club

Based out of Clinton County Airport from 2003 to 2008. Now located in Swanton, VT

Following submitted by Pat Moore D-1814

The 1970 Nationals were held there. Mohawk (Slowhawk) Airlines had commercial flights and we had to suspend competition for 15 minutes before and after each flight. I was trying for a spot on the team that would compete at the Military World Championships in Belgium and I had a good shot until the last style jump. As I was diving to get speed I spotted a plane below me. I freaked out and tried to complete my series early to pull high. I managed to zap the series and missed qualfying for the team by one spot.

Durning a lengthy weather hold Ted Strong borrowed my Adler sewing machine and constructed a miniature ram air canopy.

We were in our hotel when we heard the announcement that the final day's competion would be scrapped because of weather. I turned to Clayton Schoelpple and said, "Congratulations, you just became National Champion". I'm not positive but I think Susie Neumann won the Women's title. I later bought and still own her Team Papillon.

During one of the many holds we amused ourselves by grabbing the corners of a tarp and flipping people up into the air. We convinced an Air Force Academy Cadet to wear his rig and pull. I got this memorable shot!