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Submitted by Jim Orent

Don Dupont was a legendary pilot who ran CT-based Woodstock DZ in the 80s. H was flying a 182 out of Northampton, had a skydiver deploy into the tail, that jumper got free (cutaway?), plane was disabled, lawyer/skydiver trapped in the back as the airplane was hurtling out of the sky, Don reached back, grabbed him and and threw him out of the airplane (apparently crossed his mind that this was a lawyer he was about to save), what was left of the plane was now inverted, he went to dive out his door and discovered he still had his seatbelt on, finally got free of the belt, crawled onto the wing (plane was still inverted) and dive over the side. Plane crashed into a nearby field a few seconds later. Story has it he was calmly reading through Trade-a-Plane, looking for a new jump ship and muttering about crazy skydivers on the ride home.