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Milton - Milton T Airport DZ

Submitted by Frank Rickard D-293

I started jumping in 1962 at Milton T Airport. I’m sure it’s long gone as a DZ. I remember a night jump 11/11/62 at that time we wore a battery operated flashing red light attached to our helmet. Night jumps were rare at that time and weird things often happened at night. One jumper lander in the woods wearing a orange flight suit with the flashing light on his helmet. We made his way through the woods and found a house. He knocked on the door and when the old couple opened the door they screamed and shut the door so they could call the police that creature from other space was at their door.
Meanwhile his wife was walking around the woods franticly yelling her husband’s name this was all happening abut 9:30 at night. So several people who had homes in the woods called the police to report a woman being raped in the woods. With all the flashing lights as the police arrived it made for an exciting night.