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Submitted by Pat Moore D-1814

targeteersIn the summer of 1966 my whole family got involved in skydiving. We joined the Targeteers Club in Mansassas, VA. The DZ was shared by the legendary Pelicans. Those guys were genuine characters: Bob Holler, Johnny Crews, Billy Gifford, Cesar Aguilar, Dave Dulin, Mike Schultz, and a bunch of others whose names will come to me eventually. That's where I first met Bill Ottley who became a lifelong friend. My dad, brother Mike (age 16), sister Jan (age 18) and I (age 19) made a number of jumps that summer. Unfortunately that DZ was the site of three separate fatalities and the rest of my family retired from the sport. My brother did return to make a few RW jumps with us in Florida a few years later.

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