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MacDill AFB

Submitted by Pat Moore D-1814

In addition to the DZ at nearby Sun City, the MacDill Sport Parachute Club made a number of jumps on base in the late 60s - early 70s. We performed for visting dignataries and made a lot demo jumps at events like Armed Forces Day. I usually did an intentional cutaway with a homemade rig but one day I was assigned the task of demonstrating maximum tracking with a smoke bomb. I opened well awary from the visiting dignatary and contemplated landing in the base pool. Then I spotted the hanger that housed General Conway's jet. For giggles I figured I'd approach it from behind, then crank a hard turn on my PC and fly right into the hanger. Just as I completed the turn I realized the hanger doors were closed! I hit a hard turn the other way and slammed into the tarmac on a wicked oscillation. I was black and blue for days.....

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