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Lumberton - Ripcord Para Center

Submitted by Joseph Canale

John Jacoby, Larry Tupper and me, 1972. Scroll down for history of Lumberton operations.

The following was submitted by Charles Mack.

Originally it was Skydiving Inc, Steve Snyder's dz(relocated from Valley Forge Pa. i e Valley Forge Skydivers)opened in 1962 at then Cameron airport, in Lumberton 1966 the name was changed to Ripcord ParaCenter, and the US Team trained there.Snyder sold the dz to Elek Puskas in 1969.All of Snyders ?Para Flite's development work on Ram Airs was done here, with Dick Morgan. earlier, Dick and snyder collaberated on the Delta II.the dz changed hands in 1978 when Elek sold it to Jon Baker. continued until 1982 when Baker sold to Bill DeGuenther. in 1983 baker sued DeGuenther and siezed the assets.DEGuenther then reincorporated as RC ParaCenter, which closed sometime around 1986. i have Tons of photos from this place,i shot the cover photo for the ParaPlane Manual on laborday weekend 1970