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Lake Geneva

Submitted by Mark Langenfeld

The DZ was operated by Cornelius "Connie" O'Rourke D-300 and his wife Sara until Connie went in (smoke bracket entanglement) on a Santa jump into a Rockford, IL, shopping mall in December 1965.

A National Sport Parachuting Flyer

Lake Geneva

1964 National Collegiate Meet at Lake Geneva

collegiate meet

From the September 1963 issue of Skydiver Magazine

Shown below are the results of the October 12, 1963 "First Annual" Fall Meet at the Lake Geneva, WI DZ (as published in the February 1964 issue of SKY DIVER magazine). The DZ was also contracted to host the 1964 Nationals, but apparently couldn't pull it off (thus, necessitating a last-minute change of venue). The last two clips from '64-vintage PARACHUTIST magazines talk about that.