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Jonesburg - Skydive St. Louis

Submitted by Linda Collison

Skydive St. Louis (Missouri) began operating at a private airstrip in Jonesburg, MO, in 1986 (incorporated by Bill Hayes, Pat Quigley and Sarah Leweylln). The next owners were Rick Eddy and Lew Welzel, Jr. of Skydive Colorado (1990). Bob Russell and Linda Collison helped run the DZ that year (1990), introducing AFF and tandem to the operation. When the property sold that summer, we were kicked off. Rick Eddy found us a new operation in Bowling Green that same summer, and operated out of Bowling Green, Missouri for at least nine years. Some of the skydivers in the pictures are Bill Hayes, Rick Eddy, Bob Curtis, Lonnie Lee, Tom Gettemeyer, Mike Sims, Bob Russell, Linda Collison.

From the 1987 USPA Directory