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Submitted by Tom "Capt36" Hayes

1982 photo of me, Wes Rich, Jeff Saunders, adn Dan Murray. It was my last 'student' jump sunrise load. It was at West Wind, aka Greene County, in Jenkinsburg.

Next two photos were submitted by Wa La Ha. Other photos submitted by Billy Rhodes

Jeff Saunders was making me jump this at West Wind aka Greene County in Jenkinsburg, Ga 1983. I believe it's a 15 second delay.

Scroll down for additional photos submitted by Todd Pittman

Jeff Saunders took over the Greene County Skydiving Center from Jim West. He named it West Wind in honor of Jim.

Bridge Day 1988

Bridge Day 1988

Doug Boyd


D-18 Twin Beech formerly owned by State of Alabama


From the 1987 USPA Directory