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Site of the Univ of California SPC in 1960

The following was sumitted by Jim Hooper.

 I started with the Ft Ord SPC, but before getting into the air, a couple of LTs borrowed the club's U6 Beaver for a night-time joyride and landed it in a river. My first jump instructor and club president Dick Mills finally took me up to Hollister, where I fell off the step of their Stinson V-77 and landed waayyy the hell off the airport. ( photo below right after I got back.) Jumps 2-5 were made over Ft Ord's Fritzsche airfield, but not out of an Army aircraft. The club at the Naval Post Graduate School in Monterrey didn't have a DZ, but they had plenty of pilots who needed to log time for their flight pay. So they provided an SNB (USN Twin Beech). Opened on my back every time out of that thing.