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Hebron - Land of Lincoln Skydivers

Submitted by Tom Little D-1292

I lived in Cicero, IL Jan-July 1964 on short-term work pre-college in MS. Looked in yellow pages for "skydiving" and found one listing, Land of Lincoln Sky Divers, 4358 N. Milwaukee Ave, Chicago. Location was for ground training and rigger work, next to a tavern. Daniel T. McGinty C-1193 ran it with weekend DZ at little Hebron, IL airport, just south of Lake Geneva, WI. I got my 5 line jumps + first 7 free falls at Hebron. Nearby nudist group allowed some landings, as long as skydivers undressed upon arrival from the sky. 

I was member No. 95 of McGinty's small group. Don't know when he started it, thinking might be 1961-62. May have been first DZ in Illinois.