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Galveston - Galveston Skydivers

Submitted by by Pat Works D-1813

The Galveston Skydivers, Doc and Stevie Anognistis along the freeway from Houston To Galveston

The following was submitted by Ed Naylor:

Galvestion Skydivers - Doc Agnostic's place near the Gulf Freeway at the Dickinson Exit. I rotated my picture under canopy to match it to the 1968 aerial survey photo on Google Earth.

There was also another DZ where Doc flew, outside of Hitchcock Texas that was Galveston Skydivers also. It is now called 37TE
Freyer Field Airport, it was Johnnie Volk field. I never jumped there but I have heard stories about it.

I logged my 1st Freeway Landing there under a round canopy. Yikes! The joys of being a static line student.

Pictures I took at Doc's in Dickinson, Tx when I started jumping in 1972 are here: