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Submitted by Jeffrey Boddiger

Drop zone started in early 1987 with Terry Robertson and Lee Wheeler owning aircraft. Jeff Boddiger running student operations. Early 1988 Terry and Lee sold A/C and operation of DZ to Jeff Boddiger. Additional A/C leased from Don Herbel/John Elliott and Garan Broadway to have 3 Cessna 182 available. Summer leasing included Jim Brewer's Beech 18 and King Air from Oklahoma. 1992 was full time DZ 5 days a week with addition of Eric Stephenson from South Africa by way of Perris Valley DZ. 1993 the City of El Dorado received a Federal Grant of 1.2 million dollars and also sent a letter to the DZ stating that skydiving would no longer be permitted on the airport. Jump operations ceased in February of 1993. Repeated requests for renewal of skydiving operations have been denied.