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Elberta - Emerald Coast Skydivers

Some time in the early seventies, I attended a competition meet at Elberta, near Mobile. I have two memories of that day. Someone ran over the DZ operator's cat and students practiced exits from the chassis of a VW bug that had been mounted above the ground on a sawed off telephone pole. Sure wish I had gotten a picture of it...... Pat Moore D-1814

The following was submitted by Frank Rickard D-293

Here’s a picture taken at the Elberta DZ. Frank Rickard chuting up. Jimmy Horak “now deceased” kneeling while unknown jumper helps Frank. The VW is just out of sight left side of picture.

Emerald Coast - Elberta, Alabama. The photo, circa 1994 shows Steve Boo, John Herms and Kim Dobson in the parking area with the DZ and aircraft in the background. Submitted by John Herms.