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Welcome to! Enjoy a nostalgic look back at the drop zones of yesteryear. Skydiving has come a long way since its early days. More than 600 drop zones in the United States that introduced thousands to the sport are no longer in existence. It's our mission to restore the memories by publishing stories and photos of these DZs of the past. We've documented DZs from all fifty states including fhe first in America - Woodbury, CT 1956. Look through your logbooks and let us know which ones we're missing. Be sure to bookmark this site as new entries are being made daily. Please share your stories and photos! Bonus: Few jumpers visited more different drop zones in those old days than the late Bill Ottley D-298. We've uncovered some his legendary Christmas cards. Andrew Hilton has created a great online photo album depicting rigs through the years.

The Early Days

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